Reasons To Cherish And Protect The Many Wonderful Historical Landmarks In The United States Of America

The United States of America is home to many stunning historical landmarks. Many of them are in constant use, such as The Beaux-Arts building that houses Grand Central Station in New York City. Others are remote and isolated, such as Big Bend National Park in Texas. All of them are treasures that should be cherished and protected regardless of the number of visitors they attract or the amount of revenue they generate. Their value is intrinsic.

Beaux-Arts buildingWhen you visit some landmarks, such as the bustling Beaux-Arts building, you may be immediately struck by the contrast between busy native New Yorkers hustling to catch their daily transportation and tourists from around the world who stand in awe of the beautiful architectural masterpiece. The Beaux-Arts is huge and features a glorious astronomical ceiling mural and lofty multi-paned windows. It is, without a doubt, one of the finest structures in America. It may not be the most efficient, but it is a treasured historic landmark and must be protected and preserved.

When you visit Big Bend National Park’s Window Trail, you are sure to be struck by the vast open space and the absolute quiet. You may not see another person for hours or days if you are camping. You will be alone with nature and away from all things man-made (such as the Beaux-Arts building). This too, is an important historical landmark that must be preserved and cherished as a natural wonder of the USA. The marvelous cultural heritage of the US is a combination of dazzling natural beauty and the innovation of human kind.

The nation is filled with wondrous landmarks, yet many US citizens do not know about them and have never visited them. It is wise for citizens of the US to make it a point to get to know the nation’s landmarks and to visit them. This is especially true of the natural wonders, which now more than ever before are in danger of being privatized and destroyed. Luckily, while corporate interests push to privatize some of the national treasures of the US, there are also both private and government organizations working to keep them in the hands of the people. The National Park Service was established in 1916 to oversee the fifty eight national US parks. Later in the 20th century, the National Historic Preservation Act was established to create a register of national historic places for the purpose of protecting these historic landmarks that illustrate US heritage. Their work is important. In fact, if the Beaux-Arts building in NYC had not been named a historic landmark in 1976, it would have been destroyed. Before its designation, it had fallen into a sad state of disrepair and neglect. Thanks to its historical marker designation, it has now been completely restored.

Beaux-ArtsThere are a number of places on the National Register of Historic Places list that are not actually designated as historic places or state parks. Still, they are important to the heritage of the nation and should be protected. Among them are lighthouses, pristine waterfalls, ancient adobe settlements and even an active volcano. The amazing thing about the wide variety of important landmarks in the US is that each and every one of them has had a part in the history of the nation. In this day and age, commercialization and big business threaten to overtake a great deal of the heritage of our nation. It is very important that citizens of the US become aware of the many wonderful historical landmarks that grace each and every state in the nation. National landmarks belong to and demonstrate the heritage of the people. It is only right that they be protected, appreciated and cared for as a source of pride for the USA for generations to come.

Great Tourist Attractions To Visit In Baltimore Maryland

It wasn’t so long ago that world traveling was an impossibility for most people. Today, the world is smaller and travel is easier for people in all walks of life. For this reason, many people have been to far flung destinations and have not visited wonders that are just around the corner. For people living in the United States, this is especially true. The nation is filled with wonderful monuments and tourist attractions that many Americans know nothing about. Several cases in point are some excellent destinations to be found in Baltimore, Maryland. Read on to learn more.

Baltimore is an East Coast city with a bustling population. It is also a very popular destination for tourists. Many people who visit Baltimore fall in love with the city and decide to take up residence there. Whether you live in Baltimore or are just passing through, there are a number of wonderful attractions that you will want to be sure to see.

waterfrontOne must see tourist attraction is the famous waterfront. Early in the morning, make your way to the Inner Harbor for a beautiful view of the sunrise. Plan to spend the day exploring the waterfront. Here you will find lots of wonderful restaurants serving the freshest seafood you will find anywhere. You can also enjoy authentic Baltimore crab cakes. There are lots of lovely shops. Enjoy outdoor concerts and other events such as parades which happen all the time. After dark, be sure to stick around for the fireworks.

Other great Baltimore destinations for tourists include the Maryland Science Center and The National Aquarium. At the aquarium, you can see nearly seven hundred different types of underwater species. Be sure to visit the dolphin display and the amazing rooftop rain forest. At the Maryland Science Center, must-see exhibits include the observatory and planetarium and a collection of more than twenty four dinosaur skeletons.

For a relaxing afternoon, go sightseeing at Fells Point. This is a charming waterfront community that offers pubs, bars, coffeehouses and fine dining. You can also enjoy shopping some very nice music stores and other boutique style shopping. If you’ve spent the day at Inner Harbor, winding down at Fells Point is a great way to end your day.

Little ItalyIf you love Italian food, you have to visit Little Italy! Filled with bustling restaurants and eateries and authentic markets, Little Italy more than delivers in terms of rustic flavor, charm and tourist satisfaction. Of course, Baltimore is famous for locally brewed beer. Nothing really beats getting together with friends to enjoy a night out at Baltimore’s many inexpensive and enjoyable lounges, nightclubs and bars.

You’ll find plenty of places to visit and a wide variety in musical offerings just about anywhere in Baltimore. The city of Baltimore has become more and more focused on offering high quality tourist attractions in the new century. The hope is to encourage visitors to put down roots and stay awhile. When you visit Baltimore, you are sure to see why many people are deciding to do just that.


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